Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And now for the real post

well done dad on the award.

cheers wombat for letting me know.

having fun. nothing of substance to write. will talk again later


One World One Promise

Hi all,

i am writing this post a bit before you will all be attending a scoutings sunrise (if you are in scouting) i would like to at this time thank you all for your friend ship and fellowship and all the wonderful exerinces i have had through scouting. i will be thinking of you as i take part in the sunrise cermony here tomoorw morning. to those at the world jamboree i wish you the best of luck and a good time. this is a message from the gonz to commerate the scoutings centernary.

one world one promise

Monday, July 30, 2007


hi all

its 5 to 12 local time or 5 to 2 melbourne time. so i know know what time it is in melbourne. any ways. annother hard long day has passed. just letting you know i am still having fun and i am makign plans. will check in later


Friday, July 27, 2007

oops i did it again

falling into a kind of routinue here. its not bad. morning - pick up rubish and make sure the exibtors are all happy. drive a truck. then i do what ever needs doing and help out at the camp cheifes tent. then in the arvo its all about the concert taht night.

so tonight i got to MC the evenign. about 1,500 peopel on a meidum sized stage. was fun. i had one of the locals basicly saying what i said in french. once again I WISH I KNEW FRENCH

so with that wonderful quip


Thursday, July 26, 2007



i now know two french words and i can use a computer that is in french!! yay

im working long and hard, with lots of cool stuff. i am part of the arean and expo areas, which means that all of the exitbiors that ahve a space, i help make sure is nice and they have what they need. its hard work and i am wondering how i am going to get through the week.

from the ammusing factoid file. i went to the trasport office today and said we needed a truck to do deliveries. the looked at my licence and decided i was all good and that i could drive on site!!! so now i am one of the xcentres drivers (for what is in the x centre check the cj website)

i will see you later i am being kicked off the computer

da gonz

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the opening

so i know what my job is know. my job is to make sure all of the specail events stuff runs!! yay and be a goffer. any ways

good day, lots of work and food sucks. i had to go for a specail meal tonight (first of 3 nights) not very good. any way having a great time and time to get back to work. they gave me a radio. i tried to give it back. means responsablity!!! i no likee. they want to know where i am caus i am a hard worker. any way im off. got to do the clean up after the opening. scouts make alot of mess.

any ways im off


Tuesday, July 24, 2007


hey all

at camp safley. have bags, have place to sleep and now i am set. still not shure what my role entrails but atleast i have a job having now got here. this camp site is very humid, might have somthing to do with the lake that is in the middle of the site (which btw we cannot swim in!!! arugh!!!!!!!)

site is ok, food not crash hot and opeing is tomorrow night. i will keep you posted. any ways im off

Da Gonz

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Montreal part two - still wishing i knew french

just got back from dinner and thought you would like to know that the montreal just for laughs festival is on right now. is kinda cool. take the melbourne comedy festival and multiply by like 20. its the final day so i have no issue leaving tomorrow monring.

tomorrow mornign i will be on a bus to CJ and i am looking foward to it. dunno if i have net access so if i dont write for a week and a bit you know why. any ways have a good one and i am going to be later

da gonz


hi all,

just if i forgot to say it thanks to steven for equiping me to do the zip line yesterday. it rocked. now i am in montreal. and everything is french. even the key board is slightly diffrent. quite scary realy. flight was nice and i lost two hours whilst in the air. so i am about to go looking for food.

we have met up with more of the austrlian contingent. nice people.

i got my luggage safe and sound for most of thes trips.

besides that there hasnot been much to report execept for the fact that we arrived in town during the just for laughs festival !!! and i dont have the time to go vist it. and when i get back into town it will be over. such is life.

feeling good and looking foward to arrivng at CJ tomorrow


Saturday, July 21, 2007

madness - this one is for you steve

Hi all

just finished a jam packed day in calgary. left the hostel arround 8:30 and returned about half an hour ago.

so i first quested after breakfast. quite a challegning task. but i found a tom hortons (whoops me dumb - late edit) and that did me fine and then i conintued on to my next port of call. the CANDA OLYMPIC PARK home of the 88 olympic games. location of a zip line off a ski jump where you get to over 100 kms an hour!!! yes i did that. and i did the luge and i walked up and down along side a bobsleigh run. GIGITY!!!
i have photos of where i zipped off and down to. it was very fun. it was nearly beaten by the bungee in the mall but zip line won.

3 pm i arrive at the calgary stampeed grounds. just like the royal melbourne show site but with rodeo. and looked arround and checked it all out. then i went and visited the flames central. kinda cool but bizzare. one of the best sports bars i have ever been to.

so its up early tomorrow and off to montreal. will blog for you tomorrow


Friday, July 20, 2007

Now calgary

Hi All

just arrived and chekced into the youth hostel in calgary. looks comfrotable enough. will be outta here in a few days. any way i will let you know what i have got up to in the next day or so

bus trip on the Red Arrow was nice and i did the tour of the alberta legislature before i left. it was cool.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

twice in one day

Yay i have a place to stay in calgary. now to figure out how to get to the airport!!!

in the same cafe that i posted from two days ago. feeling good and looking foward to calgary. montreal is but two days away

da gonz

this place is mad

hi all

arrived in edmonton and i am writing this from the worlds biggest shopping mall. number of shops would be Chadstone plus about 30%. but what makes it huge is the IMAX, cinema, theme park, water park, marine area with live sea lions, hotel and casino. its mental any way. so far today i have also visted the Alberta Legisature. i am going to see if i get back down there tomorrow morning for the tour. but its realy nice and pretty. lots of photos. they had fountains that people just jumped right into to have some fun. a bit diffretn.

the train trip was spectacualr. i didnt realy sleep over night but we had the most spetacular views on our way. we even had an hour in Jasper. its hard to describe, but if you want to see the country in a hurry then the train seems to be the way to go. but tomorrow we leave edmenton for calgary. that will be a three hour bus trip.

to my lovley hosts in Vancouver thank you sooo much. gave us some coampny and showed us arround town. your town also made sense. here in edmenton i realise just how nice and fun your city was. even thou i slept on a couch, it felt a whole lot more comfortable than the hotel we are staying in here. also i recon stanley park rocks and is a beautiful place. so that just me. thank you once again.

to the lovley people i met at PJ. your hospitality and the friendships made will last a long time. it was a wonderful experince. i got to work on the geocahcing activtiy. its like orientieering with GPS. i have two Geo coins to place when i get home. but thats some more stuff for you to find out your self. i had a wonderful time and am looking foward to the rest of my trip.

Jasper - there isnt much i can say about it. felt like a post card and was beautiful. but after then there was very little appart for TREES AND ROCK and ROCKS AND TREES!!!!

edmenton again - feels like adelade.

cheers pps

see you later

add me to face book (much better than my space - and yes i sold out)

might be getting a cell for over here



Wednesday, July 18, 2007

now here i am

Hi all,

just a quickie this time

train from vancouver to alberta rocked. great veiws good food and a nice trip. 24 hours later here i am. quiet little town. here untill friday and then on to calgary

at an internet cafe and i will blog when i have time

Monday, July 16, 2007

So its vancouver

hi ya

i am in vancouver untill tomorrow night. then i am off to edmonton by train. i am looking foward to it. i have been introduced to a coupple of bands that i realy like. Great Big sea, the arrogant worms and spirit of the west. all realy fun bands, with the arrogant worms being like the scared weird little guys and the other two being kinda western in style. all are realy cool. i need to decide if i can fit it in my bag!!

so we spent the day in vancouver today, went town today. we went on public transport and used it all day. we went up to the top of the obersvation deck and stanley park. was an awesome trip. we have seen many of the sights and every thing else.

i will have pictures posted shortly. so have fun and i will hear from you.

ps i have sold out. i am now on face book :( much eaiser than giving out email addys.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

PJ is over and now for montreal

hey ho

PJ was great. the closing was a bit odd and i am geting used to people having to have my talking translated. its all good but. so what did i do

at this PJ they decided to introduce cubs into the normal jamboree program. and they had to do activites so i helped run the cub programs. basicly that was fun. but on friday i got to help on geocahiing, bascily find the treasure with GPS. i have a few coins to return to australia and place. Dad can i borrow your GPS??

a bit more about the site. it had hills, trees and felt like Gilwell, with diffrent trees and a beach. it was on a penisualar and that meant that the only way there was by ferry. is kinda cool but a bit werid. but the local government make money off the ferry and building a road would kinda kill the ferry.

i am curently at the home of some local rovers and am waiting on dinner. we will be here for a few days and then we will move on. i will hopefuly get to check out some of the local sites, as well as hang out with my friends. as this trip goes on i wonder how i am going with my job applications. but i try not to worry about that.

so the itenary as it stands has us here for a few days and then we are going to get to calgary via montreal. so it goes.

if there are any questions you would like me to answer please for the love of god send me an email and i will do my best to answer.


the Gonz

ps hot showeres do not exist at CJ!! i am going to make the most of the hot running water whilst i have it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yay two posts in tow days

hi yall

flight stuff

i like flying where they give you food. and i like TV's in your seat. it means that you have somthing to watch.

the people here are cool. i have made lots of friends. i have a chick named melissa, a venturer pestering me to include her. i am sure i will have to include others.

so things are clocking along and i am haveing fun. i will see if i can put more stuff up when i know what i want to know.

so i have my lugguage. having a great time and discoverd that i hate beavers just as much as i hate joeys!! that seems just a bit wrong.

so have fun and i might have somthing to write tomorrow

Monday, July 9, 2007

Getting here and a intro to PJ - Canada Log 1

Hi All

so here i am in sunny canda, and i am not kidding. got sunburnt yesterday!! but it wasnt bad and i now have my sunscreen. more on the subltyies

first of all the flight. after meeting with Greg davies and leaving my parents at Melbourne airport, it was on baord the flight from MEL to AKL. 4 hours, 1 movie, a snack and some food later we touched down for what was meant to be 1 hour in Auckland. turned out to be 1.5. not bad thou, nice airport. i get to see it again on the way home. then it was on to LA for a 3 hour stop over, feeling like rubbish flying into LA due to alergic reaction to the breakfast and no sleep. got through customs and immigration in LA and re checked my luggage. LA is a nasty airport but this computer is too slow to go into too much detail (BTW air NZ rocks. awesoem service). then after 25 hours of travel, all connections made and only 7 hours of time displacment (ouch) the kicker arrived. they lost my luggage between LAX and vancouver. any way after a few days of work i have my luggage.

so about what i am doing. PJ is a regional jamboree for the british columbia region of scouts. kinda cool and fairly low key. very rustic and basic. im working in the cub programs untill thrusday and then i move to Geocahing. should be fun. made lots of friedns and i will tell you all about rovers and stuff during annnother entry. i am having a great time, the people are great, lcoation awesome and i am running out of time on my first half hour of login.

i hope to get online and just pureply doing my blog and there might be one almightly entry next time. having a great time and look foward to talking to you later

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

i stuffed up

Hi all,

i stuffed up and miss spelt travels! so i have created a new blog with a new adress.

here it is

and a copy of the two posts from the old blog

My Travel Details

Greetings once again.

for those of you wondienrg what my intenray lloks like at this stage here it is!

Thursday 5 July 2007 12:00 - depart Melbourne
17:25 - Arrive Auckland
19:30 - Depart Auckland
12:40 - Arrive LA
16:00 - Depart LA
18:40 - Arrive Vancouver
yes that is all on the 5th!!! the amazing ability of crossing the date line.
on the 5th we are checking into a hotel near the airport. will give us a chance to freshen up before we arrive at PJ

6 July - 15 July - Pacific Jamboree, Camp Byng, just outside of Vancouver
July 25 - August 1 - Candain Jamboree, Tamaracouta, about 40 kms

more details on my travels will be forth coming in the next few weeks

Wednesday 8 August 2007 08:50 - Depart Montreal
11:40 - Arrive LA
22:30 - Depart LA
Friday 10 August 06:30 - Arrive Auckland
07:30 - Depart Auckland
09:20 - Arrive Melbourne

and then i am home!! so its an action packed month and should be a real hoot

more from me later


Sunday, July 1, 2007

An Introduction

Greetings one and all.

this is a log of my travels to vairous palces. as you may ore may not know that i like to go for trips and this is a chance for my to log the trip that i am taking.

i will be updating this as often as i can but i do not offer any kind of gaurentees.