Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sooo i guess we better walk............ Welcome to Sydney

So day 1 is now complete with day two about to get underway.

i commenced my day at 7:30 am with a bus to mt waverley station, and then training it in to the city. then it was on another train from Flinders to Lillydalde. whilst on board a number of traveling companions joined me at Box Hill & at Blackburn. it was then on to croydon where we disembarked and jumped on the bus that would take us to wonga park. intersting thing about this bus is that it was a tele bus. you pay a few more dollars and the bus picks you up from your door............ a curious thing.
after arriving and wonga park, we saddled up and walked from there out to clifford park (approx 2kms) along the hilly terrain. once there we were joined by the fourth member of the travleing party. then it was on the the commando course which was taken in great humor and in good spirits.

then back to wonga park and into the city to visit the eureka sky deck for the magnifcent views of the city. then it was down to the James squires brew house for some light refreshments and then it was on to sydney.

after traplising arround sydney for the best part of an hour trying to find a place for us to stash our bags we found a back pakers in pitt street. (big ups to the wanders) then came the task of bringing in the new years. so we went down to one of the viewing areas & watched the fire works. just a tip, get a view of teh bridge.... it is the centre of the fire works and is quite important..

finaly it was back to pick up our bags and we got our selves out to North rocks to our accomdation. we boarded a train for carlingford (transfering services at Clyde) got off the train and having trusted google maps thought there would be a 3 or so km walk
well i was wrong. now confimrmed as approximatly 5kms

after a very long day alot of walking and some very tired boys we had completed day one

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So what am i doing

Ok so here are the details

i am visitng a scouting and civic land mark in 4 states in 4 days with a few of my mates.

Day 1 - Victoria - Clifford Park (Scouting) Eureka Tower (Civic). Fly to Sydney
Day 2- New South Wales - Newington Armory (Scouting), Centre Point (Civic)
Day 3- Fly to Adelaide - South Australia - Woodhouse Activity Centre (Scouting), Rundle Mall /adeliade oval(Civic)
Day 4- Fly to perth - the war memorial in kings park (Scouting), bell tower/Freemantle (Civic

to explain where the challnge is............. we arnt allowed to use cars, unless there is no other option.

i will be posting logs when i am able.



Monday, December 29, 2008

The Latest Trek

Gday all

Full details posted later but this is Post 1 telling you that i will be on the road again come the 31st.

details posted tomrrow night.