Monday, August 20, 2007

The Colusion of Odessey 1

Greetings one and all.

for those of you who like pretty things, you may like to look at my photos of the trip. in the end i took arroudn 800 photos but i have only posted 500 of them. they are avaiabe at Face book (if you are my friend you can see them all!!!)

but for those of you who do not have face book, i still love you and here is the acess you so desire to my pictures.
PJ -
Vancouver -
Touring 1/2/3/4 -
CJ -
Ottowa -
Montreal 1/2 -
and the rest -

so its time to close the chapter of the diary. but this will become the place to find out what i am up to when i travel, be it to regional victoria, interstate or over seas.

time for the final comments. i hate this bit, feels so sappy.

losing my bags kinda sucked. Pj Rocked and CJ was good. i got to see alot of the country (BC, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario) and got to experince life with some candians.

people have asked me what my highlights were from the trip. well i tell them it was the friends and exerpicnes that i brought home that made the trip tops. i will rember so many of the great people i met, and the country i got to see and experince. i can only say how welcome i felt and openly recived. i have grown alot out of the trip and shrunk a bit - i came home at least 6kgs lighter. to all those who showed me arround, fed me, helped me get my bags back, put a roof over my head and all that, i thank you. without all of the wonderful people the experince would not have been the same. the photos i took and the trinkets are one thing, but friendships and a desire to return (yes i want to go back there some day) are truly the greatest things i got from the trip.

so for the final time for the Log of Gonzo's Odessey To Canada

Adios Amigos

and Keep Smiling

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


its nothing as gand as trying to sing new york new york. i have been at the airport here for 6 hours now, only fouur to go. YAY. got on the plane fine. i hae had a thought. if some one was to put a cinema in an interatnional terminal for alll thoe poor schumcks who have to wit a log time, they would make a fortune.

any ways. times nearly up


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

an addendum

Evneing. 9:43 local time.

just back from dinner at dunns. had smoked meat. i liked

have tried poutine - dont realy like it

qubec drivers are insane. i am glad that i am not driving in montreal


Farewell Canada

so its time to jump on that plane tomorrow monring

montreal was nice. visted the port and old montreal area. very pretty but a bit confused. about to go out to dinner

have fun and i will have a big blog posting with hihglights and low lights from the trip when i get home


Monday, August 6, 2007

some stuff

Hi All,

i like montreal. a few bits from ottowa. i went to wall mart and the maccas in the wall mart. i didnt like either. i also bought the harry potter book whilst there.

now i am still deciding if i like montreal. i got to check out the under ground system and i do not like the public transport sytem in montreal. the olympic stadium was a monumental design failure and to blunt is an absolute S*** hole. on the other hand the bell centre is an amazing staium.

i will see you all when i get home


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Montreal - maybee french isnt soo damn importnat

hi all

train trip from ottowa to montreal was good. i am at the back pakkers here and it seems pretty good.

i like ottowa. not much to do but a nice place. no public transport to speak of thou real.

montreal - still not sure

went for a river cruise in ottowa and learnt a bit more about the city. thanks to John for showing me arroudn town

it rocked

any ways cheers and look foward to seeing you all soon


Saturday, August 4, 2007


Hi All,

now i can say i have visted the nations capital!! i visted ottowa and will be leaving tomrrow for montreal.

saw a bit of the city and i am having a wonderful time. i should have more to say about this city tomrrow. i will be taking a touristy tour and then heading out.

all the best to all of you and look foward to seeing you soon.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Nearly time to go

Hi All,

my time here in canda is nearly up. i am curently about 45 mins outside of otowa. i am staying with a RA who i worked with at CJ. he will be taking me into town and showing me arround for the next two days. so a bit has happended since i last posted.

the sunrise cermony was amasing. we had an audio presentation that was closley followed with at 15 minute cermony. i felt honored and privealged to be able to attned.

then at the end of the day, we had been given a heads up that we may be asked to do the warm up for the clsing. we then were told that we wernt. and then just as it was time for some one to go on, we realised that it was us. we had 20 minutes and we had to get the crowd pumped and ready for some speaches. so up on stage we went. me an aussie rover, a venturer from montreal and a female vennie from ontario. and did we have the crowd pumping or what. i had 8,000 people scream when i told them to scream!!. it was amazing.

so any ways. after all that i drove the big truck for the last time. and now it is time to pack a fair bit into the next few days before i go home. i look foward to seeing you all soon.


ps - i have lots of photos