Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Post Card from Vancouver December 22


the weather is cold, i still wear shorts and still havn't been skiing but am exploring. well that is what a postcard would say. i have done some cool stuff and have been a few interesting places.

so the flight to Canada was uneventful and not a lot to say. this time my baggage made it all the away to Canada without incident, mind you i did have to stuff around in Sydney for a while.

so canada, i have secured work for the duration and the set up and pack down of the olympic games so that is pretty exciting. i am still trying to find some work for the time leading up to January (expected start). i have spent alot of time exploring arround the city and figuring out how all of the transit networks are linked and work. its all fairly simple but its about geting arround the city and geting used to all of it.

for fun the other day i decided to see how long it would take to travel the entire rail network and sea bus (ITS A FERRY PEOPLE) that exists here in vancouver. the answer, with stuffing arround and actuly stoping places - 4 hours!!!!!

i have done alot of walking arround and exploring and have got a good idea of where things are and how to get places. i am living in a basement room in vancouver in the Collingwood area, not far from the skytrain station. its nothign fancy buts its a place for me to sleep and thats about it.

i have got involved with scouts over here and have been attending rovers at 1st south vancouver, having allready attended Rain Bucket the weekend after i arrive (got out of my tent and could see the snow line....) and there are plans for going cmaping in the snow during the middle of winter.............. me thinks it might be a bit cold.

i have explored some of the hisotry of the place and have a better understaning of the country i currently reside in. coming from a nation that was founded on Convicts and Gold, to now being in a country that was established in Trade and gold....... but some key diffrence but also alot of similarities in the way this place feels.

i have attached a few of my more pretty photos that i have taken so far and links to see more of the photos that i have taken are listed below.

well thats it, i have to go do some chirssy shopping today and other stuff, probs get some more food so i will take care of that and am looking foward to the next few weeks. i will send annother "postcard" in the next few weeks. if you want to pass this on to some other that might want to know what i am up to feel free and if you want to let me know whats crakin in your life just drop me a line!

Richard "Gonzo" McCoy
a not so cold aussie in Vancouver (thank god im not in the interior)