Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Next trip

ok. so my next trip wont be any where near as cool as my last effort. i am going for the weekend up to sydney. so as this blog was created for whenever i went away, i am going to let you know what goes down.

i am going up to see my family (YAY) and for an egnagment party!!! dont know where i am staying yet. i know it will be with family some where

any ways

the itenary for this trip

Friday -Work untill 6:30 - drive to Tulla - fly out on virgin blue at 7:45
arrive SYDNEY 9ish
Saturday - what ever for the day - party in the evingin
Sunday - what ever for the day - dep sydney on virgin blue arround 9:30
arrive melbourne 11ish

should be a bit of fun. i wont realy be doing any touristy stuff because i have done alot of it before. sydney - a nice place to vist but not where i would want to live