Sunday, July 4, 2010

The is far too much to take in here, more to do than can ever be done.

There is far too much to take in here, more to do than can ever be done.

Ok so I know its a cliché and I know that I ripped the title of this posting straight from the lion king. But……. its true.
I have traveled just under 12,000 kms on the greyhound in approximately 6 weeks. No land speed records here, but a lot of seeing new places and exploring sites I have never seen before. Realizations that I am a bit of an idiot at times and also sharing my story and hearing other people storys as I go along the road.
But enough blabbering. This week so far. Well I have two more days in north America before I board a plane. Well as I write this its 11pm on Saturday and I fly at 16:00 Monday so its less than 48 hours. And I have time to spend in boston and in new York. Hold up this is soundling like the way I normaly talk, back on topic.
When I finished my last posting I had just left Washington dc. A city in conflict. And an interesting place. But it was off to new York city. I will say this first. Racisim is alive and well in America, and I have been the victim of it a few times. Whilst most people do not actively abuse or discriminate or say they are more “entiled” because of their race, I have encounterd it a few times. Boardin the bus to NYC was one of these times. After a lady que jumped with the rest of her family and it was pointed out to her that there had been a que of people waiting paitently for the bus, she said to me that she wanst going to have no “white boy” tell her what she can and cannot do and she will do what she wants. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that stament hurts. It made me feel belittled and unimportant but I might explore that idea of race and racisim over at at some stage, but not here.
I arrive in NYC at 05:30 on a Sunday morning. Expecting to find a city asleep, I discovered that times square was a matter of two blocks from the bus depot so I went for a walk up to times square and wiatied. I then found some internets and figured out where the hostels were in town and headed up that way. After finidng a hostel (Central Park Hostel is a very nice place, good price and two to a room!) it was time to go explore the city. As I had already bought a Metro card (that let me ride the subway and buses all day) I decided to go and hit up Stanton island. Down town was MORE crazy than normaly apparently due to the gay pride festival (from the small bit I saw it was awesome) so the ferry ride over to Stanton island was fantastic, a great view of the statue of libery and a chance for me to put my hand into the Atlantic ocean. A bit of an explore around the neighbor hood, the upper west side of manhattan island. I felt safe, even though it was a black neighbourhood, but it felt safe.
The following day I explored central park for the morning, caught up with William derby, my vicar from Vancouver and explored the fashion district, the upper part of the finachianal district, move from the hostel to a hotel and freshened up. Because I was off to broadway. And I went and enjoyed the spectacle that was American idiot. As far as narrative, its rather week, in score, in set, in ceorgoraphy, in emotion, its one of the more powerful plays I have ever seen. So thanks to my folks and to Dwayne for making the whole experience possible.
My final day in new York was focused around times square. I walked pass a heap of the theaters, and explored some of the madness that is in that area. I had JUST enough time that if I had wanted to I could have quickly seen toy story, but cinemas charging $20 for a movie are out of their mind! But the M & M’s store, the giant Toys R Us, the times square ball, and everything else from that area is just insane.
Well it was off to Ottawa and after dealing with a bus that was 2 hours late, and had a family moving home using greyhound, I made it. After helping set up some stuff for the local Canada day celebrations in Barhaven, it was home for a good nights sleep ad then it was time to head down town and witness the midday show in ottwa, the celebrations there and in gaitneau and then out to barhaven to see how they do it in the burbs. It was quite the experience. And it was good to see.
Then off to montreal I went. Took in a few hours of the montreal interaitonl jazz festival and headed out to dorval to hang with Kevin. I staye at his mums as he headed out to play with Live Steam, which are miniature locomotives. I headed out, joined him and saw the trains and had a bit of fun out there and now here I am. Sitting on the bus writing for your enjoyment, I hope.
Well this is the last time I write to you in this mode, on a bus, as a travel across North Amreica. I might write a posting from the airport. I proabaly will. So I will leave my highlights reel until then. But for now I will say this much.
There are places I want to return to. There are places I fell I have to return to, there are things I want to do that I havnt done, either due to cost or time, but I realsei that I may never get to do those things. And I regret none of my choices on this trip so far. Well its time for me to enjoy the carpark that is montreals roads, watch the world go by a bit, wait to reach the USA boarder and then sleep a bit as I head into boston. But there realy is far to much to take in here, and there realy is more to do than can ever be done.

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Jill said...

It sounds like you've had an amazing time in North America. I hope Europe is just as good (or even better).