Monday, August 16, 2010

i guess an appology is in order


i know i promised regular updates and regular communication and photos. but for some reason this traveeling things means i have limited time to actuly write.

well the travel i have been doing is demanding and now i have some one to talk to on the train, and power is not as easily avialbe whilst i am on the train. but i am still writing as i go along. but i guess a bit of a catch up is in order.

we have been right through the united kingdom, covering it top to bottom in a camper van. being the driver i was rather unable to post daily and an ability to write whilst driving. also i have quite an experssive writign style and i have been writing just i am lackin the completed post status right now!

well from england we went to the jamboree in the nederlands and had two weeks of full immersion in dutch culture.

since then i have been on the road again and if i havnt been walking arround a city, i alomst always have been trying to catch some sleep on a train. also i had writers block at a few stages when i should have used my time to write.

we have so far headed through switzerland, visitng kandersteg, geneva (the WOSM office), up to denmark, through to sweeden, up to norway, then back down to germany, now in france and visitng a few diffrent spots within this lovley country.

i hope to have time to write some more in the next few days and update you fully as to where and what i have done. there is alot on the way for you to be able to read. also a whole heap of photos. well thats enough of me blubbering an appology to the world. i am sitting in a french fast food outlet called quick here in france and charging my computer so i may be able to do some writing tonight on the train (12 hour train ride across france tonight!)

well keep safe

and for the love of god dont do anything i wouldnt


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